Preventative Care

Personalized preventative care including, but not limited to, dietary advice, treatment of elevated cholesterol and hypertension, smoking cessation, vaccines, colonoscopy screening, bone-density scans , as well as mammograms.

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Hospital Care

Admitting and inpatient care at Boca Raton Regional Hospital and a guarantee of no outside coverage.

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Physician Care

Same-day or next-day appointments, 24/7 access via phone or text, appointments with specialists arranged by myself or my staff and on-site blood testing.

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Personalized Medicare Care

Charles Gelfman, M.D., is a Board-Certified Internist who has been practicing Internal Medicine for over 25 years.  Dr. Gelfman is a Partner in the Boca Raton Physicians, P.A., a well-known and highly respected concierge practice.

Dr. Gelfman’s unique, patient-centric approach to medicine, which has enabled him to cultivate relationships with patients and their family members spanning decades, combined with his volunteer efforts in the community, have earned him a reputation as a kind-hearted, old-fashioned community physician.

As a member of Dr. Gelfman’s concierge practice, you will receive personalized care on an as-needed basis, with a specialized emphasis on preventive care.

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If you would like to learn more about receiving personal, concierge care from Dr. Gelfman, please feel free to contact the office at 561-999-3043.