Preventative Medicine

As a member of my practice, you will receive the perks associated with concierge care.  However, I also pride myself on providing patients with specialized, preventive care, a key factor in mitigating certain ailments that often accompany aging.  It is well known that people live longer, healthier, and higher-quality lives when they undertake preventive rather than “crisis” care.  Preventive care includes, but is not limited to, dietary advice, treatment of elevated cholesterol and hypertension, smoking cessation, administration of influenza and pneumonia vaccines, administration of the new shingles vaccine (which has proven greater than 90% protective in people 50 years and older), facilitation of colonoscopy screening (which is now advised in patients starting at 45), bone density scans, as well as regular mammograms.

I meet with each patient on an individualized basis to formulate a preventive care plan, answer any questions a patient may have with respect to the preventive care process, and work with specialists to coordinate preventive care measures.

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