On Site Lab Services

CLIA certified Moderate-complexity lab services. New, modern Roche equipment. Molecular testing for Flu, RSV and Strep.

Dedicated Staff

Speak to a caring & professional staff member to help navigate your care.

Preventative Services

Dietary Consultation, Smoking Cessation, Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines, Shingles Vaccines, Travel Vaccines, Bone Density Scans and Mammograms.

Why Concierge Medicine

The aging process is often associated with the inevitable requirement of having to visit your doctor regularly. However, the stressors associated with the going to the doctor can be enough for a patient to avoid receiving treatment altogether. As a concierge provider, my practice provides certain perks that mitigate these stressors.

By limiting my practice to only 500 patients, I can provide each patient with longer appointments, more personalized care, enabling me to listen to each patient’s specific needs without rushing patients out the door and take the time to explain a patient’s condition and prognosis in terms they and their families can understand. As a concierge member of my practice, you will receive same or next day appointments, shorter wait times, 24/7 access to myself via phone or text, hospital care at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, appointments with specialists arranged by myself or my staff, onsite blood testing, and a guarantee of no outside coverage.

Next Steps...

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